Real Estate Consultancy

Real Estate Consultancy

Al Assar Marketing with the eight-year of market experience provides the best services to investors and end-users. Starting with the assessment of the real estate market, we assist our clients and businesses and suggest to them the product which is suitable in their particular ways. We study industry deeply and analyze it thoroughly to end up with optimal solutions. While each project is unique and every client has different priorities, in
Generally, each project that we work on goes through the same phases.

Services for Investor

If you’re planning on invest your money and earn a profit over your principal amount rather than locking it in the bank and getting nothing from it. The team at Al-Asar marketing offers you the investment advisory services for your money or tangible things that you own. As an investor, you can see number of opportunities from where you can earn healthy profits in short term or long term.

Services for End-User

If you are a rational buyer and looking for options to secure your future, then you’re at the right place. Al-Asar team assists you to buy a plot or a house on net cash or instalment on the location of your choice in the best possible rate. We guide you according to your budget and choices because we give priority to our customer satisfaction.

Assessment & Industry Analysis

Before suggesting anything to our client, we go through deep industry analysis and take a quick assessment of the client’s requirements. We try to provide the best possible and market competitive product and its rate to our clients. With a thorough assessment, the Project evaluator will be able to precisely watch for the client’s best interest throughout the project assessment.

Optimal Solution

At this point, the client agrees to buy and the seller agrees to sell the product. Hence, closing the deal successfully. We maximize the value of real estate with our services that evaluate whether real estate choices support strategic objectives and operating models, enable client satisfaction, meet sustainability objectives, and can achieve continuous delivery at the optimum cost. Plan vibrant and financially sound developments by assessing the complex strategic, financial, and operational trade-offs for all projects.

Assistance & Suggestions

We provide post-assessment services to our clients and suggest to them the option which is suitable for them. If the option matches the client’s requirement, then our team assists the client to close the deal. And if the option doesn’t match, we provide assistance to find the best option available in the market.

After Sale Services

Al Asar assures you to provide after-sale services. If at any point, the client feels that he wants to sell the plot or home, we provide you resale services as well. The process repeats, keeping the client’s satisfaction is our priority.

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