Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Without social media, a business cannot survive in today’s competitive market. Social media provides an opportunity to develop your brand, define your target audience, and inspire meaningful conversation, all while improving brand awareness. Al Asar Marketing offers the most comprehensive social media package available to help you grow your business and connect with more true customers. From the outset, our highly skilled digital marketing staff will monitor and maintain all of your social media accounts.
Below we have outlined what each step of social media marketing involves:

Social Media Platfroms

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube

  • Defining Key Objectives

For instance, do you require more likes and views on social media to increase brand awareness, increase traffic to your website, or increase leads for sales?

  • Defining the Target Audience

For example, males and females aged 25+ who are financially secure and
interested in high-rise investment.

  • Defining a Strategy

For example, weekly three to five posts across all platforms, one brand
the awareness campaign, two lead generation campaigns, two highly creative
video ads, and so on

Page Setup & Optimization

The second step is to create and optimize business pages and profiles on social media. This step will involve the creation of all social media profiles and the configuration of their professional business descriptions and contact information. Our team will optimize your social media pages with targeted keywords, ensuring that they appear at the top of search results when a user searches for your brand.

Social Media Branding

In this step, our team will spend several hours deciding on the best theme that accurately represents your project and the message you want to convey to the audience; this will include, among other things, a logo (if necessary), covers, profiles, feature images, color palette, font style, and main theme.

Hashtags Research

Hashtags are extremely crucial for the ranking of social media pages and profiles; they help content stay at the top of search results. Our team will research relevant keywords for your business and then look for hashtags based on user searches. These researched hashtags are incorporated into posts and content to organically grow the specific social media platform.

Creative Content Creator

Content and copywriting work together to transform a simple sentence into a powerful and meaningful message. After conducting hashtag research, we’ll move on to content creation. Our content writers create content that is highly creative, precise, meaningful, and contains a strong message. The creation of content enables us to communicate a strong message to our customers, which ultimately results in a sale.

Creative Design & Animated Ads

Customers will not consider a product or sale unless it is visually represented; our highly skilled graphic and motion designers create the most popular designs and animated video advertisements for your company’s pages and profiles. The creative video advertisements and visually appealing social media posts attract users and engage them with our content. As a result, we will obtain the most appropriate output for the content.

Page Management & Maintenace

Al Asar Marketing will manage and maintain all of your social media accounts and profiles, including uploading content, responding to messages, comments, and feedback, creating customized campaigns and advertisements, and engaging customers through stories and questions. Ultimately, our team will keep all your social media accounts up to date.

Advertisement Compaigns

Advertisement campaigns are the most effective and time-efficient method of selling a product on a social media platform. Social media campaigns are used to reach out to a highly targeted audience that is relevant to your business and sales. For instance, we must target upper-class males and females aged 30+ who are interested in real estate or high-rise investment.
Our expert team manages social media advertising campaigns to generate high-quality sales leads, brand awareness, and advertisements. The majority of campaigns and advertisements are run on Facebook and Instagram, as both platforms are owned by the same company (Meta) and operate under the same strategy. Meta has the highest potential customer base of any social media platform.

Monthly Analytics & Reports

Our team will create a monthly report that details your social media channels’ actual progress and analytics. The report includes information such as the number of likes increased in a month, the number of leads generated in a month, the number of audiences engaged, and the number of sales


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